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  1. Fluid Machinery Performancem, Analvsis,and Desig - Terry Wright
  2. Facts worth knowing about hydraulics - Danfoss
  3. Fluid Power With Applications - Anthony Esposito - Edition 7
  4. Fluid power circuits and controls fundamentals and Application - John S. Cundiff
  5. Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Machines And Hydraulics - V.P. Gupta, Alam Singh, Manish Gupta
  6. Fluid Power With Applications - Anthony Esposito - Edition 4
  7. Principles Of Hydraulic System Design - First Edition - Peter Chapply
  8. How to Solve and Prevent Hydraulic Problems - Brendan Casey
  9. Hydraulics and Pneumatics - Andrew A. Parr - 1999
  10. Hydraulics
  11. Control Valve Handbook - 3rd Edition - FISHER CONTROLS INTERNATIONAL, INC
  12. Flow of Fluids Through Valves, Fittings and Pipes
  13. textbook of Machines Hydraulic - Magdy Abou Rayan, Nabil H .Mostafa, Purage Ohans
  14. Hydraulic Fluids- Peter Keith Brian Hodges
  16. دانلود کتابچه اموزشی تجهیزات هیدرولیکی شرکت تورو Toro
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  167. Believing These Eight Myths About Pneumology Keeps You From Growing
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